Back to Basics in When Did Car Insurance Become Mandatory (2023)

A German engineer called Karl Benz invented the first car on the 29th of January, 1886. That car looked like a tricycle and droved at a maximum velocity of 10mph. At that time car insurance wasn’t considered mandatory. Even later a period of ten years, auto insurance didn’t review as compulsory. More than four years later, nearly in 1898, according to Insurance Information Institute, the first auto insurance policy was sold out. This article provides you with Back to Basics in “when did car insurance become mandatory?

When Did Car Insurance Become Mandatory?

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In the past when vehicles were rare, auto insurance was also rare. But now auto insurance is mandatory in most states, fairly saying it has become compulsory for every state.

The cost of insurance also increases with time, for instance, in past the annual cost of travel insurance was about $12.25, but currently, the cost has risen to $300, similarly, the mean car insurance cost increased to $900 these days.

History Of Car Insurance

It sounds like Insurance is present throughout the world eternally because, in this current world, insurance is considered an important part of economical and business decisions.

Insurance work as a shield for those people who buy a new vehicle and insured it. But here is an important question that came to your mind ever “who invent insurance?”

First Car Accident

Just like many other inventions, insurance was also invented by Benjamin Franklin in the united states. In 1897 the first car insurance policy was published, because a year before, in 1896 the first road accident was stated in a city called New York. In that accident, a bicyclist is struck by a car driver.

The bicyclist was injured severely and the car driver was arrested. Both parties were at loss. But If both had car insurance, they could easily cover their vehicle damages and also be able to pay their medical bills.

After happening of several road accidents, the government considered that insurance should be mandatory because insurance protect peoples from financial losses if any accident happened to them. But when exactly it became mandatory?

In 1927 Massachusetts state considered car insurance mandatory and it was the first state. From 1927 to 1957 Massachusetts state was the only state in which car insurance is considered compulsory.

Though the drivers of every state had certain rules and regulations and license to drive on the road legally, earlier when the car insurance was not mandatory.

Why Do We Need Car Insurance?

Typically car insurance is required to secure our vehicle to cover financial losses if any sudden accident happened. If we insured our car we will cover all the losses without worrying too much about it.

Car insurance became a necessary thing in almost every state because it looks like it is a former kind of safety to cover financial damages. But actually, it’s not true.

Generally in 1887, the government established such cars, that’s engines give mechanical energy by providing steam under specific pressure.

In 1902 the first auto fire insurance and theft insurance was established because, in 1903, Henry Ford made nearly 400 vehicles.

But still, the safety of the third party was not accessible as far as 1912 came when the first and foremost liability coverage was started.

What Is The Minimum Car Insurance Coverage?

The amount of minimum car insurance coverage is nearly $25,000/$50,000/$25,000, for property damages and bodily injuries, according to state-required liability coverage.

This state liability coverage enables you to pay a bit not all if an accident takes place. Car insurance gives financial protection to our vehicles.

But the point to ponder is that not all things are covered in an insurance policy. When you buy a car insurance plan, you need to keep your plan active by paying premiums monthly or annually.

According to Statista, the minimum coverage for the most expensive car insurance premiums was 4,386 U.S. dollars in 2022, in Michigan. This trend fell in many high-premium states. In Florida, the annual premium also fell by 300 U.S. dollars in 2022.

When Did Car Insurance Become Mandatory?

Car insurance coverage covers many things like liability, personal damages, vehicle damages, medical bills, comprehensive, legal costs, and collisions. A liability policy covers the property or vehicle loss of other entities that may be done due to your fault.

Personal damages are also covered under the car insurance policy. If your car is stolen or damaged due to any reason, the insurance company will respond to cover this loss.

Medical bills: In car accidents, the drivers are injured bodily. They both needed medical treatment. The insurance policy covers medical expenses.

Vehicle Damages: Any damage to your vehicle that is caused by a car accident is covered under the car insurance policy. If your car is damaged in an accident, the insurance company will provide you with charges to repair the car.

Comprehensive: When the animals and Devastation caused a car accident, the damages are also covered by the policy provider.

Legal Cost: When someone else property is damaged due to your fault, you have to pay legal costs to cover their losses. You can do it by hiring a professional attorney.

Best Insurance For First Time Car Owners

There are more chances that a new driver can cause an accident as compared to older drivers. Teenage drivers or adult drivers will have to pay more money for first-time car insurance because they are new to driving or just learning how to drive.

Car insurance companies considered that they may cause an accident more presumably, as they are not experts in driving.

But the new drivers can also get car insurance, all these things don’t create any obstacles in getting insurance. The new drivers should discover inexpensive packages by shopping around and purchasing them.

In the beginning, new drivers should avoid full coverage insurance because the premiums for full coverage insurance are higher. The new drivers can save themselves from paying high premiums if they pay more attention to driving.

Finding the best insurance for the first-time car owner can be a cumbersome task, particularly for young drivers. GEICO and State Farm are two companies that offer inexpensive liability coverage. GEICO offers an annual premium of $2,035 and State Farm offers an annual premium of $1,771.

When Was Car Insurance Mandatory?

Car insurance has been mandatory since road accidents increased in the United States. In America, almost 48 states deemed auto insurance mandatory since the 1970s.

The first state that deemed auto insurance mandatory was Massachusetts. The use of vehicles has increased in America since the 20th century. As the population of America grows, the ratio of car accidents also increases.

Legislators then rise the question that “who is responsible to be paid for car accident damages?” Then auto insurance appeared. But the car owners considered insurance the most expensive.

They thought that car insurance isn’t a necessary thing. Paying from their pockets for the coverage of damages that results from a car accident was easy for them instead of buying car insurance.

How Does Car Insurance Mandatory Work?

Legislators deemed car insurance mandated in 48 states. Typically there are two types of car insurance is mandated in all 48 states including Columbia nowadays. Such as bodily injury liability insurance and property damage liability insurance.

Bodily Injured liability insurance is required in each state except Florida. And property damage liability insurance is required in all 50 states including Washington D.C.

The laws of car insurance and requirements of liability coverage are distinct in all 48 states. The laws of car insurance are also distinctive of each state because some cases are no-fault and others are at-fault.

Therefore, laws depend upon the at-fault and no-fault conditions. Though car insurance is mandatory in 48 states, still it is not considered mandatory in certain states like Virginia and New Hampshire.

As reported by DMV, In Virginia drivers can financially protect their vehicles from damages by following some important methods even without insurance.

Similarly, In New Hampshire, the drivers don’t think they need car insurance. The government of New Hampshire has not had any administrative laws for car insurance. Although they firmly promoted that all drivers should buy auto insurance.

Are All Auto Insurance Mandatory In the US?

Different kinds of cars have been invented with the passage of time. As the kinds of cars vary, the insurance policies also vary. Nowadays different kinds of insurance policies are established for different kinds of cars.

In the older days, there was only one insurance policy known as liability auto insurance coverage but currently, there are many other forms of insurance that are convenient for drivers.

Liability auto insurance is the only insurance that is officially allowed by law, but there are plenty of other kinds of car insurance that are useful today.

For instance, comprehensive car insurance coverage is useful in providing protection to fight many dangers, theft cases, and fire. Pay-per-mile insurance is another kind of insurance that is offered to drivers for paying according to their driving hours.

Who Sets Car Insurance Laws

The federal government does not mandate auto insurance. As the federal government controlled the selling of products all over the states but in Virginia, the situation is the opposite. In Virginia it is considered as selling insurance policies is not nationwide commerce.

The government of the states sets car insurance laws. The government has certain rules and regulations and controls to execute insurance policies and laws.

For example rates of insurance, financial needs to stop bankruptcy, solvency and Audits testing, Agent ethics, premiums and company’s Taxation, claims and sales procedures, policy forms, agents and broker’s license, and formation of insurance companies.

What Was Connecticut’s State Law

Connecticut’s state law was legislated to solve the issues of entities that are involved in car accidents. Because car accidents are increasing day by day.

As the population increases the purchasing ratio of vehicles increases and when the number of vehicles increases on the roads the number of car accidents automatically rises.

Connecticut’s state law is performed to cover the mechanical damages and physical damages of entities. As the federal government does not mandate auto insurance yet, the Connecticut state law 1925 makes drivers to sensible in their financial duties.

In former days the Connecticut state law 1925 was formulated as:

  • A bond worth $10,000 is taken by drivers.
  • Drivers deposit collateral bonds and other forms worth $10,000.
  • Drivers have to deposit cash of $10,000.
  • And drivers have to buy a liability coverage of $10,000.

Is auto insurance mandatory now?

Connecticut’s state law of 1925 appeared to be the first that mandated auto insurance liability. Massachusetts was the first state in which auto insurance is mandated since 1970.

The license law for drivers of auto insurance is also included in Connecticut’s state law. Auto insurance is not mandated by the government and even is not mandated in Virginia.

Only some states accept auto insurance mandatory whereas other states considered other options of legislation more comfortable.


Since 1927 auto insurance was essential for every new and old driver. In fact in 1927 all kinds of cars either they are personal cars or commercial cars, needs to insure. If an individual drove a car that was not insured, was considered illegal. And If any accident happened with that uninsured car, the license of that car was seized. If you are thinking about buying a new car or you already have one, you should insure it. Because car insurance is mandatory nowadays.

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