What Is A High Priced Mortgage Loan – (Full Guide 2022)

Mostly People are confused with the term High-Priced Mortgage Loan, and it creates great dissatisfaction among loan borrowers. But in this article I deeply throw light on What Is A High-Priced Mortgage Loan?, Its advantages, and if you can not afford it, then how can you avoid the High-Priced Mortgage Loan? And make it to understand as simple as another loan.

First of all, It is an expensive loan than other loans. And this loan has an interest rate of about 3% as compared to other loans. This loan has a greater APR while other loans have a lower APR.

The High-Priced Mortgage Loan loan has certain terms and conditions that make it costly. It’s not easy to qualify for the High Priced Mortgage Loan because it is more expensive, But even If you want to take this loan you should know all its basics, its advantages, and disadvantages in detail.

So Keep reading this article…

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What is a High Priced Mortgage Loan?

A high-Priced Mortgage Loan or High-Priced Mortgage Loan is a loan in which the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is greater than the Average Prime Offer Rate(APOR), Which is a particular amount of the benchmark rate.

Only Qualified mortgagors can take this loan. Generally, A loan is High priced if it has an excessive percentage rate of 1.5% for the first mortgage loan and 3.5% for the second mortgage loan.

Typically the basic conditions for high-priced mortgage loans vary widely, as the average prime offer rate is based on a survey of the prime mortgage loan.

If you take the High-Priced Mortgage Loan, the lenders make certain that you can repay the loan because High-Priced Mortgage Loan has high-interest rates, closing costs, and monthly payments.

The interest rate is the proportion of the loan, which the borrower has to pay the lender according to the principles at several intervals of time. It is typically shown in the annual percentage rate of the loan.

If the interest rates are lower, people would take loans without any great difficulty and will spend it to improve their houses. The interest rates included basic fees, mortgage insurance, several discounts, and many other amounts.

The Closing costs are the charges that the lenders charged the borrower for their loans. The closing costs depend upon the loan that the borrower takes.

What Is The Difference Between APR And APOR?

The APR is the abbreviation of the Annual Percentage Rate, And usually, it is the total amount of money including lenders’ or brokers’ fees and other costs with interest rates.

It is an annual cost that the borrower takes as a loan. It is usually represented in yearly percentage and it is calculated based on the total amount of the loan.

The Interest rate is the amount that the borrower directly pays to the lender when He/she takes a loan. The APR represents the interest rates with lenders’ charges and several other fees like closing costs, which the lender charged the borrower annually.

At the time of buying a home, the borrower excepting that the interest rate must be lower than the APR because it is an amount that the borrower has to pay directly.

The APR includes mortgage insurance premiums, mortgage interest rates, loan origination fees, mortgage points, underwriting fees, and closing costs.

While on the other hand, an APOR is the abbreviation of Average Prime Offer Rate, and it is a survey-based annual percentage rate that is offered to qualified mortgage loans.

The APOR is different for every institution and also they fall into two categories as fixed-rate mortgages and adjustable-rate mortgages. It is calculated weekly by an institution called Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC).

The APOR rates are published for adjustable-rate mortgages and fixed-rate mortgages and their duration ranges from 1 year to 5 years.

If the borrower’s APOR is greater than APR then their Mortgage loan is considered a High Priced Mortgage Loan. The High Priced Mortgage Loan can be determined by the type of loan you have.

Such as First-lien mortgages will be considered high if APR is 1.5% more than APOR, Jumbo loans will be considered high if the APR is 2.5% more than APOR, Subordinate-lien mortgages will be high priced If the APR is 3.5% more than APOR.

What Is A Good APR For A Mortgage?

The mortgage rates vary greatly for different borrowers. The mortgage rate for one borrower could be 6% while at the same time, this rate for the other borrower could be 8%.

A good APR relies on the borrower’s good credit scores and the type of mortgage loan they borrow. The Good APR for borrowers with low credit APR will be 12%, and high-score credit borrowers’ APR will be high than 12%. These percentages vary day by day. The good APR for a 30-year mortgage could be 3.5%.

Typically a good APR for a personal mortgage loan should be an average rate as compared to the current rates. For your good financial state, this rate must be lower because the lower APR on your loan can lessen the financing costs for the entire loan.

Does The APR Increase Over Time?

The APR fluctuates from time to time, sometimes it goes up, and sometimes it goes down depending on several factors such as federal prime rates and lower credit scores. Generally, the banks lend money on the base of federal prime rates. The federal prime rates are the lowest interest rates.

Typically APRs are either fixed or variable. In fixed APR, the rates don’t change for the whole loan, they will remain the same for the entire life of the loan.

But in variable APR, It will be changed under the index rate interests at any time. The variable rates depend upon the prime rates, so when the prime rates increase the variable APRs also increase.

What Are The Advantages Of A High-Priced Mortgage Loan?

There are many advantages to obtaining a high-priced mortgage loan:

Ability to buy Luxurious Home

The great benefit of High Priced Mortgage Loan is that it makes the borrowers able to purchase an expensive or luxurious home. This loan provides a big amount of loan that can easily cover the expenses of a luxurious home.

A Huge Amount Of Loan Can Attain

The amount that the borrowers take from the lender is quite huge to fulfill all the needs of purchasing the expensive house.

Lower Interest Rate

The High Priced Mortgage Loan’s interest rates are lower. That makes the borrower repay the amount of the loan easily.

Acquire Suitable Terms Of Loan

The High Priced Mortgage Loan has suitable terms and the loan takers acquire these terms without any great difficulty.

Quickly Make Ownership

By getting High Priced Mortgage Loans the borrower can gain the ability to build their ownership quickly.

Provide Additional Protections

The High Priced Mortgage Loans are more expensive than other loans therefore these loans provide additional protection, Such as

  • It maintains the borrower’s escrow account almost for five years.
  • If the borrower has flipped home, it will give extra protection by allowing the second appraisal free.
  • A licensed appraiser provides a full interior appraisal.

Why Should Someone Get A Higher-Priced Mortgage Loan?

Many reasons trigger borrowers to get a higher-priced mortgage loan:

1. Amortization is longer for High-Priced Mortgage Loans:

The borrowers should get the Higher Priced Mortgage Loan because this loan repays the amount in longer installments. The amount of High-Priced Mortgage Loans have lower installment payments. Also, the High-Priced Mortgage Loan increases the cash flow for the borrowers.

2. Principal Payments

The High-Priced Mortgage Loan lowers the principal payments that are paid back. The interest-only periods lessen the payment of the loan and like larger installments, it also enhances the cash flow for the loan takers.

3. Lower Fees

Unlike the interest rates, the fees of commercial mortgages can be higher. As a borrower, you should know the fees of the loan. Because 2% origination at 8% interest is more charming than the 1% origination at 9% interest.

4. Closing Times Are Faster

Acquisition deals meet faster closing times and a diligent due date. If the borrowers miss these dates, this will affect the consequences badly.

5. Trust

Building good trust is crucial for lenders because if the borrowers trust the lender they will make a good relationship with the lender.

What Are High-Price Mortgage Loan Requirements?

The lenders take into account the borrower’s several requirements for the loan If their loan is considered a High-Priced Mortgage Loan. To know whether they can repay the loan or not. Some of these requirements are included:

Getting A Home Appraisal

Home Appraisal is considered essential If any borrower wants to take the High Priced Mortgage Loan. Whereas it is not considered essential in any other type of loan like in FHA refinance.

Getting A Second Appraisal

In case you are going to buy a short time ago flipped house ( a house that is purchased by the buyers, they fixed them up and resell them for a profit is called a flipped house.) the lender will order you for the second appraisal.

Support An Escrow Account

The lenders maintain the borrower’s escrow account so that their tax bills and insurance premiums can be paid at the exact time. The lenders do not depend on the borrower’s down payments.
The Loan Must Be Not Less Than $28,500

If anyone wants to get the High-Priced Mortgage Loan, Its loan amount must be $28,500. Individuals with amounts less than $28,500 can’t be able to get the High-Priced Mortgage Loan.

According to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the threshold for exempting loans in 2023 will be increased from $28,500 to $31,000 for High Priced Mortgage loans’ special Appraisal requirements.

How To Get A High Mortgage Loan

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, In a high-priced mortgage loan, the APR is 1.5% more than the APOR. If the consumers want to be eligible for the High Priced Mortgage Loan, they will be aware of the debt-to-income thresholds.

The fees and points are also included in the higher costs of the consumer’s loan. The consumers pay this fee and these points at and before closing.

There are two types of High priced Mortgages loans. The First lien mortgages loan and Subordinate mortgage loans. The first lien mortgage loans supersede all other insurance claims as the outcome of foreclosure.

The subordinate mortgage loans are usually second to the first lien mortgages as the outcome of the foreclosure.

If any buyer wants to be eligible for the High Priced Mortgage Loan, he/she must have a debt-to-income ratio of at least 43% or less than it.

Which Loans Are Exempt From High-Priced Mortgage Loans?

There are many loans exempt from the High-Priced Mortgage Loan. These loans included:

Deprived Or Rural Areas: If the borrowers are the residentials of the rural or deprived areas, and take the mortgage loan from the bank of their area, the lenders won’t need to maintain their Escrow accounts.

Construction loans: The High Priced Mortgage Loans are not expanded for Construction loans. These loans do not support financing a new home. But the rules of these loans put back the construction loan when the home is completely built.

Organized Unit Development Loans: If the borrowers have the insurance policy, they won’t require the addition of their home insurance to their escrow accounts. The insurance policy provides safety to organize unit development. But this policy doesn’t protect your home from any future damage like fire etc.


A High Priced Mortgage Loan is an expensive loan and it has an APR higher than the APOR. In the above article, I described the High-Priced Mortgage Loan thoroughly.

If you are willing to take this loan and want to apply for it, You should keep in mind some important things for the approval of the mortgage loan.

The most important thing is that your credit score should be a minimum of 680. And your down payment should be a minimum of 10%.

If you apply for the loan the lenders make sure that you can repay the loan installments monthly. All these things make you able to get a High-Priced Mortgage loan.


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