Legal and General Home Insurance 2023

Legal and General Home Insurance is a comprehensive insurance policy designed to protect homeowners from potential financial losses associated with damage or losses to their residential property.  

It provides coverage for various risks, including natural disasters like floods, fires, earthquakes, and storms, as well as incidents such as theft and vandalism. With Legal and General Home Insurance, policyholders can have peace of mind knowing that their most significant investment, their home, is safeguarded against unforeseen events.  

Legal and General Home Insurance

The policy typically includes coverage for both the physical structure of the house and its contents, such as furniture, appliances, and personal belongings. In the event of a covered loss, the insurance company will bear the cost of repairs or replacements, easing the financial burden on the homeowner.  


Legal and General Home Insurance offers different coverage options tailored to individual needs, ensuring homeowners can find the right level of protection for their specific circumstances. 

Introducing Legal & General home insurance 

Legal & General, commonly referred to as L&G, was established in 1836. Over the years, it has evolved into one of Europe’s leading insurance and asset management groups, boasting a vast portfolio of assets exceeding £1 trillion. 

In its early days, the company primarily focused on extending loans for significant infrastructure ventures, most notably for the UK’s rail network. However, as time progressed, L&G diversified its services and expanded into the realm of life insurance.

Gradually, they broadened their product offerings and ventured into various segments of the insurance market, encompassing home and contents insurance among others. 

The company has been steadily acquiring insurance and investment firms worldwide, amassing a customer base of over 10 million. Presently, it provides insurance coverage to more than 1 million homes in the UK. 

For its home insurance customers, the insurer offers a range of guides that explain the intricacies of contents and building insurance. These guides cover what is covered under the policies, as well as offer tips and advice on various topics, from the hazards of Japanese knotweed to understanding insurance during house moves. 

In addition to this, Legal & General also extends its expertise to tenants, recognizing that they often require more comprehensive home insurance protection than they might initially realize. To cater to its customers, the company currently provides a fixed home insurance price for a duration of 2 years. 

Reviews of Legal & General Home Insurance: What People Are Saying 

In the most recent Trustpilot review, Legal & General received an average rating, scoring 3.3 out of 5. However, in 2020, Legal & General performed admirably in the Defaqto ratings.

legal and general home insurance

Their Home Insurance Extra, Home Insurance Gold, Home Insurance Silver, Home Insurance Plus, and Premier Home Insurance policies all earned the highest possible rating of 5 stars. 

How do you contact Legal and General Life Insurance UK? 

Phone Number: 0800 137 101 Their claims team is based in the UK. If you are calling from abroad, please dial +441273 374 665. 

What is the location of Legal and General’s headquarters in the UK? 

Legal & General has its headquarters situated at One Coleman Street in London. It is a prominent company listed on the London Stock Exchange and holds a position as a constituent of the prestigious FTSE 100 Index.  

The company’s asset management arm, known as Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM), holds a remarkable standing as the 10th largest investment management firm globally in terms of Assets Under Management (AUM). 

What home insurance options does Legal & General provide? 

L&G presents a range of home insurance plans, including its Gold and Silver Home Insurance policies, which enable you to merge buildings and contents coverage. This comprehensive approach safeguards your home and belongings within a single policy.