Quick Guide to Is Insurance A Liability Or Asset (2023)

Do many people confuse this question Is Insurance A Liability Or Asset? The simple answer to this question is that insurance is a liability, not an asset. Insurance will be liable unless all claims are paid out. After that, it will be considered an asset. In clear words, I say, It totally depends upon the type of insurance that you own. Insurance provides us with basic advantages to secure our assets from becoming liabilities.

Insurance provides protection for people who want peacefulness or to prevent themselves to be involved in disputes and lawsuits. Some people considered it an asset, not a liability, in the case when they pay a certain amount of money as premiums every month or year.

For example, If you are thinking to buy a life insurance policy, you should keep in mind that after purchasing life insurance you will have to pay premiums each month or year according to the policy. In that case, insurance is a liability. In this article, we cover some points that help you to understand “Is Insurance A Liability Or Asset?”.

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Is Insurance A Liability Or Asset

What Are Assets And Liabilities

Assets and Liabilities are two basic categories of your balance sheet. Assets are typically objects or properties which are owned by a company. Assets can generate good revenue for the company and also give financial gains.

Liabilities are amounts that are incurred to third parties in the form of debt and paid back in one year and over a long period of time. Simply assets give great profits by making a good amount of money whereas liabilities don’t make profits instead liabilities take away money from your pouch.

Assets worth your company and enhance impartiality of your company. If you have assets greater than liabilities, your business will grow. But If you have fewer assets as compared to liabilities, means will have to face downturns.

Because liabilities can reduce the impartiality of your company and ultimately diminish your company’s value. And liabilities are also a type of expenditure for a company. But the liabilities may prove beneficial for the business owners because they can use liabilities for buying assets.

Assets Examples

Companies or Businesses have two kinds of assets. These kinds of assets are different from each other. These types are categorized into current assets and fixed assets.

Current assets are short-term assets because you have to turn the investments of current assets into cash within one year.

The objects of current assets are worth your business because you can utilize, sell and consume current assets actively to perform your business activities. Your business can handle several expenditures by using these current assets.


  • Inventory
  • Prepaid expenses
  • Cash and cash equivalents
  • Investments
  • Short-term investments
  • Accounts receivable

Fixed assets are long-term assets and offer your business a long-term benefit for years, unlike current assets. These assets are not turned into cash in one year.

Fixed assets are included such objects and properties that help greatly grow the small business. Fixed assets are either tangible assets or intangible assets.

Tangible assets are included physical properties such as land and buildings and Intangible assets are without physical properties such as brands and trademarks.


  • Computer equipment
  • Land
  • Furniture
  • Vehicles
  • Machinery
  • Buildings
  • Tools

What Are The Three Types Of Liability Insurance?

Liability Insurance coverage is generally used to pay out for various kinds of claims. When someone claims that their property is damaged or bodily injured by your business, then a liability insurance coverage policy secures you and your business by providing help to cope with the situation.

Most businesses use liability insurance because almost every business encountered some risks and damages. These liability insurance policies assist them to cover these risks and damages.

Types Of Liability Insurance

Typically there are three types of liability insurance,

General liability: This type of liability protect your business from others’ claims that your company is responsible for their property damages and physical injuries.

Employer liability: Employee liability insurance is specifically for their employees. Sometimes employees are injured or sick due to their job. This type of liability helps them to protect themselves from illness and injuries.

Professional liability: This type of insurance provides protection to your business when your company makes mistakes in providing its services. This type of liability insurance is also known as errors and omissions insurance.

Professional liability insurance coverage claims to accuse such as misrepresentation, negligence, violation of good faith, and fair dealing.

Three Essential Characteristics Of Liabilities

Liability is a financial commitment of a business with the exception of owners’ resources. The study of your resources deeply depends on the procedure of documentation of assets, income sources, liabilities, and other expenses in your balance sheet.

The proper setup of your balance sheet makes your position effective in finance. The liabilities play an important role to increase your economic benefits and also make your financial journey efficient.

The essential characteristics of liabilities are as follows:

Increase Of Productivity: Liabilities help to increase productivity. Whenever a company or business has to face a financial loss, it must take liabilities to cover that financial loss. They can take liabilities to build a new brand, to build a business, and for anything.

The stabilizer of Expenses: Liabilities can stabilize the expenditures of a business if the financial structure of the business is disturbed due to any reason.

Cash Flow In the Future: Liabilities are also responsible for cash flow for future transactions If an unforeseen event occurs.

Characteristics Of Assets

Assets have many characteristics, as these are the basic components of financial accounting just like liabilities. Assets indicate the economic resources of a company or business that are measured according to accounting principles. The specific characteristics of assets are as follows:

Former Transaction or Incident happening: Assets that result from the happening of an event or former transaction offer future economic benefits for a business. These circumstances can also influence the business.

If any transaction or event happens to the specific individual, then the asset will act as a future financial benefit for that specific individual. For example, a lease agreement or purchasing can help to manage all these benefits.

Manage By A Specific Business: Assets are managed by a particular business or enterprise to control future financial benefits because by managing these assets the businesses or enterprises are able to refuse or regulate these assets for other individuals. For instance by allowing accessibility with charges.

Future Financial Advantages: Assets provide future financial benefits to specific businesses or enterprises. The core of assets is future economic benefits and potential services. Ultimately these potential services or future economic benefits provide cash flow to the businesses.

What Insurance Has Cash Value

Some types of insurance have a cash value. Typically cash value is an element of life insurance. Cash values are generally offered in permanent life insurance for example in universal life insurance or whole life insurance.

Policyholders of cash-value life insurance can utilize these amounts at any time to get better benefits. Purchasing the cash value life insurance will prove the right decision for you.

According to Statista, the largest life insurance company in the U.S. was Prudential Financial, with assets total amounting to nearly 707.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2021.

There are many types of cash-value life insurance such as universal life insurance, whole life insurance, guaranteed issue life insurance, variable universal life insurance, indexed universal life insurance, and guaranteed universal life insurance.

You can use these cash-value payments in many ways. For example, you can pay your premiums through cash value amount, you can borrow money against these cash values, and you also make withdrawals from your cash values whenever you resigned your policy, your cash value is paid back after subtracting the charges of surrendering the policy.

What Type Of Asset Is Life Insurance

Assets are categorized into two classes such as liquid assets and nonliquid assets. Life insurance typically falls into liquid assets. Saving accounts and retirement plans are involved in liquid assets and they offer advantages over time. Whereas valuable objects like homes and cars are included in non-liquid assets.

If you want success financially, you should buy a life insurance plan. Because there are some types of life insurance that are assets and still some other types that are not assets. So, be careful while purchasing a life insurance plan.

The types of permanent life insurance such as universal life insurance and whole life insurance are considered assets. These forms of permanent life insurance also offer cash-value benefits.

Because the cash value payments are tax-free and grow with time. Mostly divorced individuals and mortgage underwriting are benefitted from cash value payments.

How Insurance Policy Protects Your Assets

An insurance policy provides protection to your assets by covering certain risks or damages. Assets included cars, homes, and other valuable objects so in case these items are damaged due to any cause, the insurance policy protects the policyholder by providing assistance in lawsuits.

The insurance policy also ensures that all the payments of the policyholder should be paid back. Insurance policy will be peace of mind for you and your family If it provides protection for your assets.

If you want to protect your assets like a car or home, the insurance policy will secure your assets legally. Before purchasing the policy you should consult with a professional advisor so that you can choose the right policy for yourself and secure your assets.

Conditions When Insurance Is An Asset Not A Liability

Many people consider that insurance is a liability, not an asset but it’s not true because there are certain conditions when the insurance becomes an asset. For many peoples, it’s difficult to determine either insurance is an asset or a liability.

Insurance becomes an asset when its plan gets older. All insurance policies when reaching their maturity become an asset, which means payments you can attribute with lump sum amounts.

Is Insurance A Liability Or Asset

Insurance also becomes an asset for an individual when a risk like sudden death or serious illness occurred to him. For certain risks, the insurance companies are responsible to cover that specific risk by paying their customers handsome amounts.

The insurance also works as an asset for their life insurance customers by offering them death benefits. When the life insurance policyholder dies due to an accident, the insurance company pays out premiums to the policyholder’s family so that they can maintain their lifestyle as before.


Typically asset is anything that offers future economic benefits and liabilities are that individual is incurred by companies in the form of debts, credits, or loans. So if you read this article thoroughly, you can distinguish assets from liabilities. And now you are able to determine whether insurance is an asset or a liability.

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